Roccaporena, birthplace
of St. Rita


Saint Rita

Infancy and Adolescence

Rita grew in obedience to her parents, who brought her up with animated religious sentiments. She lived her infancy and adolescence in the tranquil little village of Roccaporena, where her family was well-off and with a certain prestige, because, it seems that the members of the Lotti lineage were attributed with the position of being “peacemakers” in the civil and penal controversies of the village. Already during the years of her childhood, Rita openly manifested her vocation to religious life. Every time she had the possibility, she would go to the small oratory that was built in her house with the consent of her parents, or she would run to the monastery of Saint Mary Magdalene in nearby Cascia, where there was possibly a sister who was related to her. She frequented the Church of St. Augustine, choosing as her protectors the Saints venerated there: Augustine, John the Baptist and Nicholas of Tolentino (canonized, later, in 1446).