Roccaporena, birthplace
of St. Rita


Saint Rita


Since Roccaporena did not have a church with a baptismal font, little Rita was baptized in the church of St. Mary of the Plebe in Cascia and her childhood is remembered for a prodigious event. A few months after her birth, her parents began taking the newborn with them when they went to work in the fields, placing her in a wicker basket not far away from them. One day while the little one was resting in the shade of a tree – the parents were a little ways off – a storm of bees swarmed about her head without stinging her, rather some of them entered into her mouth leaving honey in it. Meanwhile a farmer, who had cut his hand with a blade, left his work to run to Cascia to have his hand medicated. Passing by the basket, seeing the scene, he shooed away the bees and here is the second phase of the prodigy: as he waved his arms to make the insects go away, the wound was completely healed. The man shouted that it was a miracle and all of those who lived in Roccaporena came to know about the prodigy.