Roccaporena, birthplace
of St. Rita




You may pray from your home the following prayer to St. Rita; you may follow along with us for the Fifteen Thursdays of St. Rita, that remind us of the last fifteen years of Rita’s life, those marked by the thorn of Christ on her forehead.

Praying with St. Rita

Saint Rita, we entrust ourselves to your powerful intercession before God. You who lived as a wife, help our families to continuously find the source of love, fidelity and peace. You who experienced the joy of maternity, illuminate our youth so that they may journey along the road of the Gospel and that they may persevere in the search for truth. You who experienced the sorrow of remaining a widow, teach us to forgive those who offend us and to console all who are suffering. You, who gave yourself without reserve in following the Master and carried in your heart and on your forehead the sign of His passion, augment our desire to live authentically and coherently our Christian life so that we may grow in the love of God and witness it joyfully to our neighbours. Amen.