Roccaporena, the Society begun
in the name of Rita

Santa Rita

Society of St. Rita

Administration Council

The “Shrine of Saint Rita” in Roccaporena of Cascia, erected by the Decree of the Bishop of Norcia on 28 January 1948, recognized civically by the Decree of the temporary Head of State on 6 December 1947, n. 1698, and approved by His Holiness Pius XII with the Decree of the Holy Congregation of the Council on 27 April 1957, is a public juridical person in the canonical recognition and an ecclesiastical entity in the Italian juridical recognition. It is based in Roccaporena of Cascia (Perugia – Italy). The Shrine, through the adjunct “Society of Saint Rita” in Roccaporena, promotes the celebration and the devotion to St. Rita, works of charity and assistance, education and Christian formation. The Shrine is administered by the Rector, a priest, who is assisted by an Administration Council made up of nine members (besides the Rector), who are priests and lay faithful. The present day members of the Council are:

  • Msgr. Renato Boccardo, Archbishop of Spoleto-Norcia, Rector;
  • Msgr. Luigi Piccioli, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Spoleto-Norcia;
  • Msgr. Vincenzo Alimenti, Pro-Rector;
  • Father Luciano Avenati, Episcopal Vicar of the Vicariate of St. Benedict;
  • Ms. Anna Landini Benedetti, former Vice-Director of the Diocesan Charitas of Spoleto-Norcia;
  • Dr. Maria Antonella Proietti, Director of the Administration Office of the Archdiocese of Spoleto-Norcia;
  • Comm. Filippo Pupella, Economist of the Archdiocese of Spoleto-Norcia;
  • Dr. Carlo Cinotti, chartered Accountant;
  • Mr. Sauro Cardini, Banker;
  • Dr. Francesco Carlini, Director of the Press Office of the Archdiocese of Spoleto-Norcia.


Secretary of the Administration Council is Rag. Alfredo Cherubini, Economist of the Shrine of Roccaporena of Cascia.