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The priests and the Administration Council of the “Society of St. Rita” in Roccaporena during the 1930’s began asking themselves how they could make known all that was taking place in the birth town of St. Rita. After a few meetings, enlightened by the suggestions of the diocesan Bishop Msgr. Settimio Peroni, they decided to begin the parish Bulletin of Roccaporena – Cascia, that was entitled “Dallo Scoglio di Santa Rita” (= From the Rock of Saint Rita). It was the month of January 1940 when the first issue was published.

During the years the Bulletin was transformed into a periodical, the graphics were enhanced, it was enriched by pictures and then with colors. It spread throughout Italy and the whole world, and changed its name to “Lo Scoglio di Roccaporena”. The Magazine is sent to all those who send an offering to the “Society of St. Rita”. Presently the Director of the magazine is the journalist Francesco Carlini.

Director of the Magazine, Dr. Francesco Carlini

Magazine Office, responsible, sister mary loegering, sfm 

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